Video Library

Welcome to my Video Library!

Thank you very much for visiting! This page is dedicated to all the videos I've compiled, which includes the experience, as well as slideshows of a few of the great sessions I've had with my past (and present) clients. I try to update this page as I get new and fun experiences. I hope you enjoy!

Beauty session with Veronica

I am so excited to release this video, because this is the first time I used my brand new SUPER printer, and held a digital reveal! Watch how Veronica selected her portraits and we printed everything on the spot!

Ashley's testimonial

One of the most powerful things that can convince you is a testimonial from someone who has actually been through the process. Watch Ashley and hear what she had to say about her experience!

Ashley's Slideshow

Here is the complete video of Ashley's stills.

Behind the Scenes on Ashley's Photo Shoot

Watch all the behind the scenes footage, as I direct Ashley in her photo shoot. We both had so much fun doing this!

Mommy and Me!

I had planned doing this for Mother's Day. It was my first Mother's Day themed shoot. And thank you to William Wyatt for filming the clips. If you need a videographer for your events, contact William Wyatt at

Exist in photos!

No matter what age, shape or size, we all should exist in photos! Give your children one of the best gifts of all- a beautiful photograph of yourself.

Sarah's Bridal Slideshow

Did a bridal shoot with Sarah all in studio. Hair and makeup also by yours truly!

Sarah's Bridal Video

Experience a full photo shoot with me. It doesn't matter the occasion, whether it be bridals, seniors, or just portrait. From beginning to end, you will receive full service with me!

Vanessa's Portraits

In celebration of Vanessa's 15th birthday (Quincenera), we included flowers in her photo shoot, in line with her birthday theme.

Before and After

Jennifer has been a client of mine since 2012. See her transformation in this before and after video. Hair by Michelle Nolte, and makeup by yours truly. Video filmed by Michelle Nolte.

Welcome to Emmarie Jackson Portraits!

This is a beautiful short of all the women I've photographed, and how their beauty from inside shines through.

You are beautiful inside and out!

This is a video of Kaylie, a former student of Eagle Mountain in Saginaw, TX who was a victim of bullying by peers and teachers. Her experience of having a photo shoot with me has helped change her perspective of herself, and has since been in much better spirits!